Business School & Consulting

Ruomapro provides transformational experience for practical management skills on human capital development for efficient business management.

  • Accounting Management;
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing Management;
  • Personal Productivity Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance for Business
  • Business Automation
  • Business Planning & Evaluation
  • Strategy & Business Process Solutions
  • Enterprise Technology & Performance
Business School

Ruomapro Business School is a business school with aim of having a profound impact on the way Africa does business. RBS offers unique online and offline course and highly engaging way to learn vital business concepts, enabling committed learners to transform their careers, their organizations, and their lives.

Our programs is designed to help business executives and employees master essential business concepts. Whether they represent a large multinational corporation or a small local business, we have a solution for your learning and development needs. We have professionals at various sectors of the economy for business transformation, information sharing and linkages all for the improvement of the participants’ business capacities.

At RBS, the participants immerse themselves in real-world challenges facing seasoned business leaders and discuss and debate solutions with peers while learning from the school.

Executive Education

This is a business education designed for impact. It empowers one to be open to change, innovation and big thinking. To new experiences and diverse perspectives. We offer a rich and innovative portfolio of new programme formats, including hybrid, live virtual and online, bringing the true RBS experience to our participants around the world. RBS has the ability to deliver learning globally, hence, equipping individuals, teams and organizations with the skills they need to thrive.

Whether it’s improving leadership skills, staying abreast of industry innovations, or preparing for a new role, everyone has their own distinct reasons for coming to RBS Executive Education. We offer a range of program offerings: multi-week comprehensive leadership programs; three- to six-day programs dedicated to key business topics like strategy, negotiation, or innovation; multi-week regional programs that deliver a global curriculum through a regional lens; and programs created exclusively for an organization or association. A flexible variety of program formats and locations are available: on campus, modular (with on-campus and online components), select regional locations, or onsite with an organization. Ruomapro Business School grants alumni status with successful completion of any of the following programs: the Advanced Management Program, General Management Program, Owner/President Management, Program for Leadership Development (which has additional requirements), and three Senior Executive Leadership Programs.


Ruomapro Business School Executive Education partners with leading organizations to help develop the agile leadership teams they need for successful transformation. Our live online capabilities deliver the RBS experience right to your organization in real-time to help you tackle your most important business imperatives.